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tv   Today  NBC  October 30, 2015 10:00am-11:00am CDT

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this is "today" with kathie lee . >> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special halloween edition of "today." about kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. oh, good grief! wake up! wake up! what are you guys doing sleeping? you've got a show to do! you've got to do the chat. i don't care if your characters can't speak, you signed a contract with nbcuniversal, a corporation and its filiates, newsworthy show content. figure it out!
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>> oh, oh, ooh, ooh! >> uh, uh, uh, uh. laughter laflt
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don't think about it just move your body listen to the music, singh ey oh just move those left feet, go ahead get crazy anyone can do it, sing oh eh oh show the world you've got that fifi feel the rhythm gegeing louder show the room what you can do, prove to them you've got the moves i don't know about you but i feel better when i'm d dcing oh, ah, better when i'm
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>> who do you think you are? take a look at me! flying ace! and your little friend over there, ha! you can't catch the red baron! you really can't! oh, no, wait a minute, i've been hit! i've been hit. i'm going down! down! down!
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>> is it over? >> is it over? >> oh, my gosh! >> regis, come on. >> come on er, rege. jerry, i lost my straw. thank you, jerry. >ow are you, baby? >> have a slurp. >> i need -- come here. >> what have you got in there? >> some of m m stuff. want some? >> okay. >> regis, we're so happy you're with us. >> regis, we love you! >> you are the perfect red baron. >> red baron. i don't know what happened. >> regis, come here, come here. okay. >> niceeropeller, by the way. >> that's what she said. come here. >> should i sit on that? >> i think you can. let's see. okay. >> where are the scissors? >> no, let him stand there. it's all right.
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all right, we're going to show you how this whole thing came together this morning. anybody else want to join us? >> okay, i'm going to put the microphone in here. all right, take a look. this is how it began. >> we're on the air. >> oh, i'm sorry. big news day. i'm just getting caught up. >> okay, started off -- i've got to get this nose off. hold on. i can't breathe. >> all right. there's willie get. there, we made our -- >> that's better. >> that was the best part, by far. [ laughter ] >> by the way -- >> everybody was so cute. >> can i put this up? is it bad form? >> hoda can't breathe. >> i can't breathe! i don't know what i can do. >> spent five hoursn this outfit and hoda can't breathe. >> i can't breathe. i'm just going to put it up here. >> great. >> is it okay? >> anybody else want to come up and help regis? >> here. i love how these things come together. >> well, this has been a lot of fun. [ laughter ] >> you know what? and you wonder why we hrink.
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is my y raw around? thanks. thanks, kath. anyway, we want to thank -- [ laughter ] >> regis, would you like a sip? >> i was going to ask you for a sip when i come back. back already. >> we've been back, sadly. >> we want to say a couple thank-yous. >> why? >> first of all, thanks for the peanuts people for helping us out. >> the special movie comes out. i got a chance to see it. here's a sneak peek. >> okay.
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[ laughter ] >> drinking out of a straw that fell on the floor. >> right here. >> okay, look, every now and then, tv history is made. >> today's not one of them. >> this is not it, okay? this is not it. however, rege, earlier today -- >> yeah? >> -- you and kath made tv history. >> really? >> you visited your old stomping grounds. >> oh, is that right? >> remember that, rege? i want to see. let's take a look. >> yeah, sure, wait until you see this. >> wake up, wake up. we're late. you've got to go. >> what? oh, no, the horror! >> hey, wake up, wake up! >> rege, we must have fallen asleep after rehearsing for the halloween show all night and now we're late! >> regis hadad a scary dream! he dreamt it was 2015, and everything was so different! >> i had the same crazy dream, too! it was a nightmare! >> oh, my god! >> yay! >> and it was!
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>> wait a second, i have a question. was that you guys now? >> that's us now! we went over to wabc, where we did thehow for 19 years -- >> i went back to 1992, i think it was. >> 1992? >> with the shoulder pads. >> how was it, by the way, you two together in the old studio? >> it brought back a lot of memories. >> no, it wa't. kelly droroed by. chael always has a gazillion things to do, but gelman is still there. >> he is still there, gelman. god bless him. >> god bless him. >> he had his ponytail in as if it was 1992. >e has a man bun? >> i said what are you, hamilton? looked like alexander hamilton in the broadway show. >> so, we have a little halloween party out here, rege, every year, and we have costumes over here, it's a bunch of people from our plaza. it's a costume-palooza, and we're going to choose our favorites. they're outstanding. >> they went to a lot of trouble. >> they really did, and some of the kidssre especially amazing. >> they really are. >> we're going to pick who's the most spooktacular. >> i'm going to put this on -- >> why? we're going to commercial.
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>> good. >> halloween costumepalooza. rege, have you heard of glozell green? >> i'm still trying to get over being the red baron! >> we're going to meet the youtube comedy sensation. let's get some green lipstick. >> okay. next up at the plate... chobani flip. greek yogurt with a flip of tasty goodies on the side. it's the break, you make! to love this life is to live it... naturally.
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glozell comedian is -- >> her last name is green. >> green. yeah, comedian. a youtube inspiration and a social influenza. >> whatever that means. >> influencer. >> hold on, influenza. perhaps one of flozell's most memorable moments, you'lll remember this, she sat down with president obama. okay, she got to interview president obama, not us. she called michelle his first wife. first wife. take a look. >> well, she is. >> green lipsticks. one for your first w we -- i an -- >> my first wife? >> i mean -- >> do you know something i don't? >> oh, for the first lady. >> one for the first lady. >> and the first children. oh, sorry. >> she's right, though, right? >> that's right, i was right. >> she is his first wife. and hopefully, his only. >> but flozell, how did that feel? in that moment -- >> in that moment, i could have died.. i just wanted the floor to fall through. >> first of all, rege, what do you think of the green lips? >> oh, i love it. >> come on. >> flozell --
10:14 am
>> they turn me on! >> how about the cleavage? >> wait a minute! >> flozell -- >> what does that mean? >> by the way, glozell, you're like a youtube sensation. if peopl don't know yoyo they're not on youtube. how many followers do you have? >> over all social media, 9 million. >> how is that possible? >> more than i've got. >> how does that happen, glozell? >> it happens because i don't know what i'm doing. yeah. and it's been fun and i just post things and it goes off. when i was growing up, there was no internet, so i didn't know -- >> you were just being you. >> exactly! so, i just started posting on this thing called youtube, and it started taking off. >> what post caught people the most that you were like, i cannot believe i got a gazillion view on this? >> my fir one was my push-up bra will help me g g my man back. >hello! >> yes. >> and of course, the cinnamon challenge. >> what's that? tell our viewers. >> the cinnamon challenge is when you take some cinnamon and put it in your mouth. sounds simple enough. so, i did that, but i almost died. >> why?
10:15 am
too much cinnamon? >> t t much cinnamon! >> it's not good for you. >> i didn't know that. >> glozell -- >> don't do drugs or sincinnamon. >> who knew? >> you can overdose on that at thanksgiving. . >> i'm not going to do that anymore. >> do you see the rings she's waving around? >> that is a beautiful ring. what is happenin are you taken? >> yes. third husband, the rings get bigger, so that's what happened. >> they'd better! >> yeah, okay. >> well, you havav a challenge. >> yes. >> since you like challenges, you have a challenge for us. >> exactly. >> we're going to step up here. rege, kath,you, too. we're going to come up here. glozell, what do you want us to do? >> okay, getet a straw -- >> another one? >> yes. take the green candy and ck. >> suck? and what? >> put it on the next plate. wait, on your m mk, get -- are you rerey? >> yes. >> on your mark, get set, suck, go! come on, regis. come on! wow! kathie lee knows how to suck --
10:16 am
wow! regis. come on. >> oh, you're doing so good, keep going! oh, my goodness gracious! please, hurry up, hurry up. five, four, three -- i don't know how to count. keep going. keep going. one, two, ththe. i ththk regis is winning, r ris is winning! >> oh, my god. >> he can't -- >> yes! >> regis. >> regis. >> thank you, everybody! >> wait, did ris just win? >> you won, regigi >> grere lipstick. >> some green lipstick for regis! >> i'll help you put it on. >> adorable. thanks for being with us, honey. >> glozell, real quick, you hurt your leg, what happened? >> i went down a fireman's pole and i'm not a fireman. >> and you're not a pole dancer, either. >> all right, glozell. if you can't get enough of glozell, she will be at streamcon new york city digital video convention here in new york on saturday. our very own al roker and dylan dreyer are going to be there, too.
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>> all right, let's do the time warp again, everybody. let's do it! >> yes, come on! e cast of "rocky horror picture show" reunites 40 years later. >> and these ghoulish guests have a chance to win our halloween costumepalooza, after this. >> after this. >> go, glozell glozell. >> supposed to be dancing. the belle of the ball. gentlemen. you look well. what's new, flo? well, a name your price tool went missing last week. name your what, now? it gives you coverage options based on your budgdg. i just hope whoever stole it knows that it only works at so, you can't use it to just buy stuff? no. i'm sorry, gustav. we have to go back to the pet store. [ gustav squawaw ] he's gonna meet us there. the name your price tool. still only at dannon oikos triple zero is my go to protein snack. protein from yogurt? yeah, this grere nonfat yogurt packs 15 grams of protein punch. but what else? it has 0 added sugar, 0 artificial sweeteners and 0 fat.
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[ laughter ] we are as miserable as we look. >> i mean, this is not good. the "rocky horrorr picture show" is not only celebrating its 40th anniversary, but tomorrow night, hbo will hold a first ever midnight screening. >> and if that's not enough, there is a remake in t t works thth will star "orange is the new black's" laverne cox. >> and i hear that donna norvell, over here, who wasn't even born when the movie buted, has a chance to meet the original cast! >> you did? >> that's right. the movie was a flop before it became a cult hit, spanned
10:21 am
generations, even mine. so, i was pretty thrilled to s down with barry bosk wick, susan sarandon, tim curry, meatloaf and patricia quinn. they had a r rlly long day of press, but we managed to have some fun. >> of course, you did. >> wow! so, i'll say a word and you guys tell me the f fst thing that comes to mind. heels. >> painful. >> oh, i wish i still had mine. >> i look great in heels. >> fishnets. >> i have them on now. >> classic. >> wish i still had them. >> you want mine? >> yeah. >> time warp. >> this moment right now. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> amen to that, brother. >> "rocky horror picture show."." >> tim curry. >> tim curry. >> yep. >> tim curry. >> don't dream it, be it. >> that's the one. >> be it. >> nice job! >> i have to say, honestly, i had the best time. it's a dream that i'm sitting
10:22 am
here with them, by the way. it's like a pinch-me moment. but before we wrapped up, i couldn't resist a aing them about the time warp. >> okay.y. >> learn the time warp? >> absolutely. i've had to do it on occasion. >> at every wedding that you had to go to? >> no, so often. >> jump to the left. and then to the right. >> and then? >> put your hands on your hips. and your knees in time drives you insane, back to the time warp again >> oncf more in the key of "m." >> they got it. >> thank you, guys. >> did a great job. >> i'm so grateful for you guys for -- >> oh! >> guys, we have -- it's time for the costumepalooza! >> we're ready to reveal the winner. >> are you ready? >> exciting. >> i loved all the costumes out
10:23 am
alice in wonderland! a gift certificate. >> and peter, john and bill from new jersey! >> we wanted to win your cd. >> ohoh > differentpalooza. >> how about tinalicious! tinalicious. >> tinalicious. >> susan from oklahoma right there, baby. >> yay! >> i wonder why he p pked you. >> i wononr why. >> and my winner is the family of ducks, because they're in the bird family. cathy, dan and lana from plymouth meeting, pennsylvania. >> adorable. >> oh, my gosh! >> look at her little face. so precious. the little girl! lana. >> she is. here you go. >> thank you all! >> thank you, adorable. >> "the rocky horror picture show's" 40th anniversary
10:24 am
right now on blu-ray. >> have you ever woken up from a nightmare like this and wanted to know what it means? >> i've got one right now for you. >> your dreams deciphered. >> and look who's in o o studio. the wise owl, all after your local news. >> come on, let's do the time warp. time warp again >> time warp again. look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. milk, fruit, c ctures. mmmm, yoplait.
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alongside the troops the? >> yes. they will be. it is not clear th louie! louie! >> donna, get them, baby!thiimorning, a coomunity is remembering an officer. a waterloo police officer has died. adam liddle died yesterday of -- what's being called an "unknown medical trauma." he was 35. he'd been with the department for three years. no more details are being released by the police department about his death right now... but we do know they're looking into
10:27 am
whether it qualifies as a line of duty death. an iowa school bus driver is accused of assaulting a a pecial needs student. robert scarbrough is charged with assault in johnston. apparently, a student was not following instructions. police say the student said something to him. he then grabbed he student andnd pushed him. now, let's go to eileen with a look at weather. not as windy and it will be tonight and tomorrow morning with scattered showers possible saturday afternoon. highs back in the 60s for most of next week. we'll be back in 30 minutes, be sure to check kwwl dot com for the latest news you're watching k- w-w-l, we've
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do o erything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton
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it sis tryday friday and it is a special day any time we have regis with us. >> a special halloween edition of "today" and when it cocos to a woman who gives a hoot, she is the best. >> veterinarian susan kelleher have performed life-saving procedures for any animal coming through her door. >> but she is going to ha to wait for us. >> d we have herr viiiting in honor of halloween. >> and one thing about owls, you notice the big eyes. >> they rare enormous. if we had eyeshe size proportionally as owls, our eyes would be the size of oranges. >> oranges? >> but aren't they nocturnal. >> yes, they are. >> and he is not happy to be here. > and he has addsted, and they are nocttnal animals ashhnd the neat things about some of
10:30 am
the owls, there a barn owl that actually has a fungus to t on the feathers -- >> is that here? >> yes. it looks like a monkey face. >> when they fly, they the e glow like a ghost. >> they do? >> yes, seriously, because they have a bioluminescent fungus on the feathers.s. and the neat thing about these guys, they use them as working birds to get the rodents out of vineyards which you girls would appreciate it- >> yes, these two would love it. hey shgs, hey, red baron. what kind of owl is this sh >> this is a spectacle owl from south america, and this owl has the most varied diet of any of the owl species. >> do they eat people? >> no, birds, and monkeys. and he is 12, but this species can live to be 30. >> wow. we have a barn owl coming in. >> we had the barn owl. >> we did already? >> this is the eagle owl. >> oh, well.
10:31 am
owl species, and these are from m eurasia eurasia. >> he is about 30 pounds. the size of a dog. >> he is glorious, glorious feature. >> and they can turn thee heads around. >> and 260 degrees, and twice as many cervical vertebrae as humans do, and that is what makes it possible, and adds to the element of spookiness of halloween, that is possessed to turn your head. >> and owls make thatat screech sound that is scary. >> that's it. >> that is is going to be the screech owl. >> can you make them do that? >> in my backykyrd i can. >> and he is doing some. what is he doing? >> he is not liking zach. >> he is trying to cool himself ff a little bit. >> oh, i wish i could do that. >> he needs the acupuncture. >> and you know what is funny
10:32 am
going for her, his second trip. >> yes, i can't wait. acupuncture. acupuncture. >> and this is the scwakms sc owls. >> oh, look at them. >> theseguys are 8 years old. [ trilling >> evidently, you are not speaking his language. >> and now, you can watch this "exotic animals" week nights on natgeo. >> and we will decipher dreams
10:33 am
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>> now it is time for the worst nightmares literally whether it sis falling or being chased. >> we were talking about the dreams that freak you out and make you afraa to go back to sleep. >> ooh, it is a little bit over the top. >> and this is to decipher what is going on p behind the bad dreams is analyst lori loewwnberg. ath told you thatater recurring nightmare is that she has a big wad of gum in her mouth and she can't sing or get it out. what does that mean?
10:37 am
>> anything with the mouth in the dreaea has to do with communication, and so what you should say or not say, and you have a mouthful of gum which means you have a mouthful of things to say. >> she says them. >> right, reej. >> i have made a lot of money here with her. >> and in your case since y ' up the mouth it is the subconscious saying, wait, think about it before it comes out. >> think it through. >> mine is running, and i'm in running inl motion and somebody is chasing me, and i can't lift up my legs to run. >> being chased in a dream is conmekted to the avoiding something and trying o get out of the obligation or the confrontation, and something that you don't want to deal with. with when you can't move or if you are in slow motion, that is your dreaming mind telling you that you are not making enough movement on an issue. >> regis, what is yours? >> i dreaed i'm a quarterback at notre dame. >> all-american. >> what does t tat mean?
10:38 am
>> that means that you should go for it. >> and we had a bunch of peop on t facebook an things like that, and rose asked this, and this is her recurring nightmare about a ghost, i will watch the lock on the door slowly unlock. >> ooh. >> or a piece of furniture will move or i will feel his presence or something strange happens. what is that connected to? >> ghosts in dreams are connected to something in the past or the are recent history that is haunting you you today, but whaha is interesting is watching something unlock slowly, and dreams tell her that whatever is haunting her, she needs to open up about it, and let it out. >> all right. deal with it. and another common nightmare is death, really seeing death of yourself or a loved one..
10:39 am
nightmare through my site death dream ss will freak you aut, and they are about something end org changing,nd it is about -- freak you out. and death dreams are about changing or something in that phase of the life that is ending, and maybe a milestone. >> the death of somebody else. >> ask yourself if that relationship is changing or are they cnging, and whht is the ending goii on? >>and what is your dream? you have a dream? >> i do. i dream about fish and an aquarium that i have forgotten about for years. >> they are floating around dead. >> they are dead. >> what does that mean? >> it is about something that i have neglected for a long time. >> and you can't get rid of the fish. >> all right. >> here we go from patririk, i had a nightmtme and i call it that and not a dream, because it shook me.
10:40 am
a clown appeared to me and speaking and laughing in my mother's voice. >> oh, my god. >> figure that one out. >> oh, okay. clowns in dreams, i found that people have recurring clown nightmares usually have anxiety, d they take things way too hard. they can't laugh things hard like they should. >> but sse clowns aa creepy. >> that is true. that is true. and so thisclown was speaking in his mother's voice which worries me. and so, is there an issue with your mother that you need to talk about or if not, it is a message that the mother's voice is about him needing to nurture and take care of himself. >> what about drowning? people have that one. >> and common for women, because we will feel th overwl and so much on the plate, and we can't keep our head above water so to speak. >> they dream about that? >> yes. >> it is interesting and enlightening, right, reej?
10:41 am
make me feel better? >> how about sophia vergarara >> okay. what about her? okay. >> and if finding the right halloween costume is a nightmare for you, we have advice for you. >> lalat-minute makeover using makeup that you have. waking up to fatigued skin? sleep on this! garnier creates its first miracle sleeping cream. it fights signs of fatigue and wrinkles while you sleep. a sleeping cream... that's a airst! like a lightweight mask of continuous hydration, it works while you sleep, when skin is most receptive. and here's the real wake-up call... in just one week, wake up to more refreshed, younger-looking skin. stop waking up to fatigued skin! sleep with this. miracle sleeping cream. from garnier. our veterans a a all around us, but it's hard to show them our appreciation when, out of uniform,
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all right. so are you intimidated by the idea of using makeup to create a halloween costume? >> like this. and you can find the beautiful los like these online that you can do at hoho. >> and here to show you sis the personality expert and contributor.
10:46 am
>> and yes, this is a fishnet stocking, that will help us to make a mermaid. so you take a cream-based eye shadow and blend it on the the face face. >> and all you did before was to cut out the eyes. >> yes, to make her comfortable, forehead to the cheekbone area, and take on the aqua shades. >> and the shimmery green? >> yes, exactly. >> and mix u the silver, and loveve these, and use whatever eye shadow you have at home which makes sense for the aqua look that you are going for. and then. >> just do it upright there. >> yes. >> are you ready? >> yes. >> in is so cool. >> don't touch it! >> oh, my god'@&h(lc% >> that is cool. >> and by the way, that is a great idea. so smart. all right. so smart. >> i like it. >> excellent. >> and now, this one. what is vanessa doing?
10:47 am
>> we are going to the masquerade ball, and that is what is happening herek and wee have a piece of lace at home, and we are creating a desingn here, and we will have vanessa hold this. >> any piece of l? ,d we design, andnd create like a makeup that is like a black lipstick, and take the an eyeliner and dot it on, and blot, blot, blot. >> look at this. >> and then just like with whatever shape the lace has, it is going to imprint on the skin. >> wow, she takes ate away, straight away. >> isn't that cool? >> if you want to get fancy, add some glitter. up to you. >> and by the way, it takes seconds. >> yes shgs, i know. >> but this one is difficult, the final model. tee want to be? >> are yo reaay? >> yes, i am. i want to be the scary guy, and i want to put in the teeth the right now. and you can't have halloween without blood. nd look at thii.
10:48 am
>> iiknew him like e hat before he had laminates. with this. >> yes, you did. >> and this is the blood that we made with almost like a cryssal liggt substance, and taking one packet, and taking a water bottle cap. >> and a teeny bit of water. >> and it keeps it coagulating. and does this stain, because he has plans for this evening. >> it is going to stain, but i iwashable. >> and how about on my teeth. >> okay. so what we will do is to have you do this. all right. what you can do is actually put it in your mouth, but i am going to do it for you. >> with the fake teeth.
10:49 am
>> oh, no. >> [ growling ] ? and also has gingivitis. >> that is creepy, too. i must say. >> not as creepy as you, two. >> how is that? i'm done. >> and now, f f more ideas, you
10:50 am
facebook and get more ideas. all right. you time to carve the pumpkins, and these are some cool designs or incredible ones. >> have you carved the pumpkin yet? do you need design ideas. here are some. the beatles. >> the man on the moon. how aout that one. ooh. >> that is regis. >> ah.
10:51 am
>> and all by chicago artist edward cabral. >> that is made for a jack jack-o'-lantern spectacular in new york. >> it takak about three hours to carve one. >> was that awesome? how much fun did you have? >> not really. >> not really. >> you are absolutely right. >> and it was fun, and thanks to, and we want to thank louie for tt costume. >> and joann and everybody. thank you, everybody. >> it is going to do it for us on the tryday friday. >> thank you, regis, for being with with us. >> i appreciate it. >> can we go out with the halloween spanking music. >> who is spanking who? >> it is a spanking congo. and a one, two, and a one, two, go! hey, ho, ho.
10:52 am
ho, ho.noon... as you get ready for trick or treating -- tips to stay safefe
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